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How many times you heard a salesperson using technical jargon trying to impress you with all these 3-4 letter abbreviations?
Did his usage of technical terminology convince you the company he represents is a good one ? We bet it did not. There is also a good chance that when you finally got your 30 seconds to ask your question ("Sorry, I have about 5 minutes for your questions because I have another presentation across the town in 45 minutes") you did not receive an answer that would make any sense whatsoever.
Or when you finally were able to nail him down with a direct question about the product or services he is selling you heard the infamous "Good question ! I don't know. I will ask our technical guys and will get back to you." We know he wouldn't, don't we ?
If you recognize the scenario we described you will know what we are trying to avoid.
You think you are the only person the world that doesn't know a thing about the computer, or you feel you missed the Internet train and will never catch up, or your office needs an application that big companies don't feel is worth their attention ? Don't worry! First of all, you are not alone and second, we will help. You became skeptical again. You need not. Just give us a try. Ask us about some of the terminology you always wondered what it means. Now you probably expect us to say "and we will explain this word to you". Wrong! If we know we would, but if we don't we wouldn't snow you. You will hear us say: "We don't know". Will we feel ashamed ? No, because these days no one can know everything.
The main principle we have is to know our limits, to know where to act and where to ask.
Same applies to the translation. Any translation company can give you a clean printed translation. Is this really all you wanted ? We think what you wanted is a translation that sounds like it was written in the target language from the very beginning. We think you want the translation that reflects all the technicalities of the original and not what the 1st meaning of a word in a dictionary says. And to achieve that we will call specialists, or the client to get the true meaning of the original article or a book. 

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