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what do we offer?

We offer quality translation and interpreting services. Any language, any subject.

We offer help converting and formatting your files for various software systems.

We offer linguistic consulting to identify your needs. You just received a stack of documents in a foreign language - do you actually need all of them translated? You want foreign customers to be able to access your web site - what does it take?

how do we do it?

By matching a seasoned translator, interpreter or consultant on our worldwide roster to your particular job. By researching the subject and spending sufficient time on quality control. And, last but not least, we are not afraid to ask questions. Because we believe that a professional is different from a layman in that the former is well aware of limitations to his knowledge.

why choose us?

There are dozens of translation companies in the area. Why choose us?

For simple reasons: We take pride in our work.. We are as good as our word. No job is routine to us. We provide value for money. Of course, we are in the business to make money. But in doing so, we make sure the customers get a good deal and their needs are served according to high professional standards.

why pay money for translation or interpreting?

After all, everyone speaks at least one language. Some speak even two or more. A co-worker of yours is a native Arabic speaker, and your next-door neighbor was stationed in Greece for a couple years. You yourself studied French in high school and know plenty of Spanish phrases. So, translation (interpreting) is not a skill to be paid for, anyone can do it. Right?

Wrong. Don't you want it done just right? The very reason you need a translation is to make communication possible. Therefore, you need a PROFESSIONAL. Few of those who have command of a foreign language are able to think the way a translator does: switching back and forth between languages, reaching for that one word that's right, treating both the source and the target language with respect.

We trust professional physicians with our health. We trust professional mechanics with our car. Is human communication so unimportant that we can let just about anyone dabble in it? Wouldn't the world be a better place if people really understood one another?

what do we charge?

We charge fees that you can afford and that can keep us in business. Fees for translation are based on rates per word of target language and vary by language pair, degree of complexity and turnaround time. The word count is generated by a computer. Interpreting services are charged by the hour. There are minimum charges for both types of services. Since we at BIK firmly believe in building long-time relationships with our clients, fees are sometimes negotiated on a per-project basis.

Call us and we will gladly provide you with a free estimate.

Schedule of rates is available upon specific request.

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Translation and interpreting services offer you a vehicle of communication in the international community and a pass to the global market.
Have you ever heard of the Tower of Babel Project ? To offset its unexpected results, people have been relying on translators and interpreters since time immemorial.

Whether you wanted to challenge your enemy or trade with your neighbors, arrange for a military alliance or broker a marriage, very likely you were looking for someone who knew two languages and could switch his thinking between them at will.

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