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About BIK Information Services, Inc.

BIK Information Services, Inc. is a relatively new company (it was started in June, 1996). The individuals who started it, though, aren't new to their respective areas.

Our president has been doing translations for over 20 years. She translates from and to Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, from Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Bulgarian, can make sense of almost any European language. As for subjects, she translated regular text, economics, patents in all possible areas - chemistry, electronics, laser technology, computers, etc.
She has M.A. in Linguistics from Leningrad University, Russia, 1976.

Our vice-president has over 20 years of experience in all areas of data processing, information systems and software engineering. He started in IBM Mainframe environment and now works in both IBM Mainframe and IBM PC environments and at different times has been a production control specialist, programmer, DBA, systems programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, division chief, database designer, SQL programmer, etc.
He has M.S. in Computer Science from Lviv University, Ukraine, 1980.

They started this company to implement their standards of workmanship and quality of work in two areas - translation and computer support.
Read about BIK's philosophy. 

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